About Us


Our Mission

Our goal at Mer+ge is simple... we provide clothing that stands for something. Our original designs and graphics promote self-expression and unity, as we strive to eliminate arbitrary separations among social groups. Mer+ge designs use political, social, and biological messages to demonstrate that gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. are things that do not necessarily define us, but are rather just one part of who we are. By merging science with art, we strive to overcome society's obsession with magnifying our differences, and instead create an awareness of our shared humanity. From our “Love is Legal” tees and hoodies, which promote equality, to our Superb Bird of Paradise” tee, which celebrates one of the rarest mating dances on Earth, our designs speak volumes. 


How it All Began

Mer+ge apparel is the brain child of Victoria Jones, a former women's basketball captain and biology/premed major at Boston College. Vic always knew there was something more to science than chromosomes and molecules. In her mind, biology was something that unified us all.   During a 2008 planet molecular biology class Vic was struck by the thought that such structures were, in her words,"kinda artsy". She began sketching in her notebook and before long had more sketches than class notes. With the idea that a simple message can be spread through simple means, Vic began Mer+ge... an apparel company that stood for something.

What's that Logo?

The Mer+ge logo is symbolic of unity through our individuality.  There are three segments that come together to create our logo... an arrow pointing in a single direction.  As individuals we are different yet as we are all striving for the similar things… happiness, peace, and well-being. If we all work together for the things we all desire there is no stopping us! 


Why the "+" in Mer+ge?

The word “Merge” is defined in the dictionary as: to cause to combine or coalesce; unite. We spell the word Mer+ge with a plus sign because the “+” sign means addition and symbolizes unity. To us, the only way to spell the word Mer+ge, is with a plus sign! When things are added they become greater! Our goal at Mer+ge is to bring people together through the t-shirts we make!